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How to Give to Gilda’s Club

Hal Shapiro

Since 2001, Hal Shapiro of Scarsdale, NY, has served as a senior director at Winick Realty Group, LLC, where he provides brokerage services and other real estate advice to property owners. Outside of his work in Scarsdale, NY, Hal Shapiro is a longtime supporter of Gilda’s Club, a support organization for those dealing with a cancer diagnosis.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Gilda’s Club relies on the generous donations of its patrons to help fund its operations. There are a number of ways that those interested can help support its work. One of the easiest ways to give is by credit card, which can be done by calling (212) 647-9700. Funds can be given as a one-time gift or recurring donation.
Companies that want to support the mission of Gilda’s Club also have the option of offering a match program, meaning that the company will duplicate any amount their employees give to the organization. To learn more about the organization or how to give, visit

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