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Child Cancer Patients Find Support at Gilda's Club NYC's Noogie Nights

Hal Shapiro, Scarsdale, NY

Scarsdale, NY, resident Hal Shapiro serves as a senior director for Winick Realty Group, where he provides brokerage and advisory services to property owners and retail tenants across the Bronx, Manhattan, and Westchester County. Outside his responsibilities for the NY-based firm, Hal Shapiro supports cancer patients through contributions to the Gilda’s Club New York City (NYC). Gilda’s Club NYC offers group counseling for children through the Noogieland program’s Noogie Nights.

Available for children aged five through 12, Noogie Nights provide child cancer patients with a safe and therapeutic environment where they can find support and share their feelings. The weekly support group opens opportunities for discussion and engage children in a variety of activities, including yoga and visits from therapy dogs. A licensed clinician supervises all group activities and sessions are scheduled at the same time as many of Gilda Club’s adult activities in order to deliver assistance to the whole family.

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